What? An SLA of ZERO?

Q:  What does Azure ExpressRoute provide that a rival public cloud provider (Contoso) does not?*

A:  An SLA!  [Service Level Agreement]

Yes, that’s right.  Apparently Contoso’s DirectAttach can fail at any time for any reason. As an avid proponent of that ‘other’ public cloud, Azure, I have to say that I was shocked when I heard this.  So much so that I am hoping that someone jumps on this post and tells me that it’s not true.

Can you imagine?  The DirectAttach link between your regional corporate hub and the Contoso Cloud, which after a painful migration houses mission critical applications that require the link to refer to data sitting in an on-premises data warehouse, goes dark.  Potentially millions of clients, sales, or widgets are lost as a result of the outage.

What do you do?  I guess you call up the network exchange provider or Contoso and ask ‘Hey, what just happened?’

I suppose they just shrug and reply, ‘What? We never guaranteed it was going to be available.  What’s the problem?’

Explain signing that contract.  ouch

Now maybe it’s not quite so dark.  Someone will likely mention architecting redundancy into the solution.  But at what cost?  Clearly redundancy is not a choice when you choose Contoso who offers a Service Level Agreement of ZERO.

*I’m sure there are other benefits in addition to having the widest global footprint of any public cloud provider on Earth.  #Azure #XR

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